The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 046 03/30/2013

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FPSRussia Raided By ATF / FBI

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FPSRussia YouTube Channel

Another Member Of SEAL Team 6 Killed

Who Really Killed Bin Laden

Serbu Tells NYPD To Find Another .50 Cal

Hunters Threaten To Boycott Colorado

Virus Goes Missing From Texas Lab

Texas Professor Says Mass Death Imminent

^ Old News, Sorry I Didn't Check The Date ^

Mississippi Rep Jessica Upshaw Found Dead

Monsanto Teams Up With Congress

Monsanto Protection Act Passes Senate

Trooper Indicted For Sexual Assault

FBI To Monitor Online Chats In Real Time

Repeal Of Stand Your Ground Goes To Senate

Colorado Stops Sheriffs Pay Over Gun Control

N Korea Declares War With South

N Korea Says War Outbreak Hours Away

Threats Backing N Korea Regime Into Corner

N Korea Attack Plan Revealed In Photographs

Jericho Nuked Cities Map

Unconfirmed Reports Of Assad Shooting

Massive Landslide On Washington Island

Code 2 Alert At Giant Sinkhole

Massive Earth Split In Brazil

Hekla Volcano Unusual Activity

Bay Bridge Plagued By Busted Bolts

Barbara Walters Set To Retire

Underwater Volcano Blows In Tonga

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