The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 045 03/24/2013

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Spring Snowstorm Rocks Midwest

Meteor Lights Up East Coast

East Coast Flash Likely A Meteor

3 Dead In Quantico Base Shooting

Baby Shot In Stroller On Brunswick Street

Colorado Prison Chief Shot Dead

Student Planned Attack On UCF Campus

Weld Sheriff Refusal To Enforce Gun Rules

DHS Questioned Over Saudi Passengers

Fake Pilot Gets Into US Airways Cockpit

FAA To Close 149 Towers Under Cuts

Contamination Warnings At Imperial Beach

Unrest Hits Cyprus Police Scuffle With Protesters

Cyprus 20% Tax On Deposits Over 100K

Nicosia Official Says No Deal

Deutsche Bank Calls On Jesus To Save Euro

Economist Warns Of Bank Run In Europe

Russian Leader Says Pull Money Out Now

Senate Approves Internet Sales Tax

Chicago School Programs To Close

Big Put Trade Rocks Fx Mart

Assault Weapons Ban Out For Now

NY $500 Reward For Reporting Owners

Home Raided Over Facebook Photo

PDs Beg For Ammo While DHS Buys 1.6B

New Drone Could Snatch Humans Off Street

Army Officer Says DHS Intends To Kill Us

Updated WW3 News At ENDGAME

ENDGAME YouTube Channel

Tornado Tears Up Victoria North East

Mysterious Killing Of East Coast Manatees

Huge Crack Forming On Navajo Nation

Satan Actor Looks Like Obama

Canadian Prisoners Helicopter Escape

Air Force Drone Found Floating In Florida Keys

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