The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 044 03/17/2013

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Chief Petty Officer Dies In Combat

Obama Asked To Return Peace Prize

Brennan Takes Oath On Draft Constitution

Plane Crashes Near Ft Lauderdale Airport

Suspect In NY Shooting Spree Shot Dead

81 Year Old Shoots Man Trying To Rob Him

Another Carnival Cruise Failure

DHS Plans To Deal With Patriot Movement

Drones To Combat Crime Ahead Of G20

California Owners Lose Right To Keep Arms

Colorado Proposal To Undo Mag Limits

Court Deals Blow To CIA Drone Secrecy

FBI Surveillance Tool Ruled Unconstitutional

Hungary Destroys Monsanto GMO Fields

Blast Injures Several People In South Iran

N Korea Threatens To Wipe Out S Korean Island

U.S. To Deploy More Missile Interceptors

N Korea Launches Short Range Missiles

U.S. Bolstering Missile Defense Over N Korea

Sinkhole Swallows Golfer At Waterloo Course

Exploding Meteorite Seen In SA Sky

7.8 Quake Exercise In LA Next Thursday

Scientists Predict Thousands Dead In Quake

Brain Foil Protection From Microwaves

Guard Shot Finger To Remove Ring

FBI Uses Chain Saw On Wrong Door

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Daniel Sunjata Drone Over Austin

Olympus Has Fallen Official Trailer

Olympus Has Fallen

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