The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 039 02/09/2013

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Ex LAPD Officer Vows War On Police

Ex LAPD Officer Sends Package To Anderson Cooper

Two Women Shot By LAPD During Manhunt

Questions Remain In Child Hostage Standoff

Man Attempted To Bomb Bank To Start Civil War

Colorado Dems Want Gun Manufacturers Held Liable

Insiders Expect Something Big Soon

S&P Expects U.S. Lawsuit Over Credit Ratings

NAVY To Delay Overhaul Of USS Abraham Lincoln

Pentagon Delays Deployment Over Uncertainty

DHS Purchases 21.6M Rounds Of Ammo

California Announces Semi-Auto Confiscation Plan

Feinstein / Boxer Say Lay Down Your Weapons

Ammo Background Check Act Of 2013

All Signs Point To Impending Martial Law

3M To Be Spent On Internet Trolls

Australian General Takes Command Of Army Post

Ahmadinejad Attacked By Shoe In Cairo

N Korean Nuke Test Could Impact Volcanic Activity

N Korean Video Shows U.S. City Under Attack

NBC President Steve Capus Resigns,0,4320935.story

Solar Activity Significant Role In Global Warming

U.K. Must Brace For Solar Superstorm

8.0 Mag Quake Hits Santa Cruz Islands

6.9 Mag Quake Hits Obihiro Japan

Chris Rock Calls Obama Our Daddy And Boss

Supercomputer To Simulate Entire Human Brain

Abnormality Caused Super Bowl Power Outage

Conspiracy Theorist Kills Kids Then Self

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