The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 038 02/01/2013

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Assistant DA Shot Dead In Texas

25 Killed In Mexico Blast

Cruise Ship Carrying 112 Sinks In Egypt

Suicide Bomber Strikes Ankara Embassy

Dasani Is Really Just Purified Tap Water

Pepsi Removes Additive BVO From Gatorade

Spending Cuts Hit DFAS

Obama Cuts Healthcare For Military (12.9B By 2017)

Obamacare Plan 20K Per Family

State Of Emergency Declared In Egypt

Islamic Leaders Join War On Guns

Hawaii Gun Buyback Program

7 Year-Old Handcuffed Over $5 Says Suit

Arkansas Towns Martial Law Plan

Rand Paul Ban On F-16s To Egypt

Syria Protests Over Israel Attack

North Korea Under Martial Law

South Korea Launches Satellite Into Orbit,0,5185505.story

Iran Launches Monkey Into Orbit

Russia Forces Ready For War

Severe Storms Ravage N Georgia

Mag Quake 6.8 Hits Atacama Chile

Fireball Across Sky In Lynchburg VA

Fireball Across Sky In San Francisco CA

Record Setting Asteroid Flyby Feb 15

UFO Over Massachusetts

China Goes Air In A Can

Obama Illegal Alien Drunk Uncle Deportation

K-Mart 10 Pound Marijuana Shipment

Burger King Admits To Horsemeat


The Intel Hub

242 Sheriffs / 5 State Sheriffs Associations

Goodbye Stickam =0(

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