The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 037 01/26/2013

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Anonymous Hacks DOJ

Newsweek Calls Inauguration The Second Coming

Rapper Tossed Off After Anti-Obama Rant

Military Man Removed For Holding Distressed Flag

Court Says Obama Recess Appointments Invalid

Armed Drones Could Target President

EPA Says Public Is Safe Despite High Rads In Landfill

Top Psychiatrist Says Meds Behind School Massacres

Gun Owners Refuse To Register Under New York Law

Assault Weapons Ban Lacks Democratic Votes

CNN Shakeup Expected To Push Piers Morgan

Powerful Norovirus Spreads Across America

Reps Can Still Shut Down Gov Over Debt Ceiling

Payroll Tax Increase Hits Paychecks

U.S. Deposits Decline As FDIC Ends Support

U.S. Banks Shaken By Big Deposit Withdrawals

Mystery $114 Billion Withdrawn From Banks

Gun Fire From Military Helicopters Over Miami

IL Police Trespass To Install Smart Meter

Court Says Obama Appointments Unconstitutional

Flu Vaccine Linked To 800 Cases Of Narcolepsy In Kids

11 Body Parts Researchers Use To Track You

Latest TVs With Built-In Cameras Spark Concerns

Key Iranian Nuclear Facility Hit

ENDGAME WW3 Mid-East And World News

NASA Finds Possibility For Life On Mars

Solar Variability And Terrestrial Climate Report

CFTC Commissioner Jill Sommers Resignation

Man Sneaks Into U.S. Using Stolen Canoe

Child Abuse VIP List Names Politicians And Others

Synthetic Biology Closer Than You Think

Security Guard Accidentally Shoots Off Penis

Storm Clouds Filled With Bacteria

Plane Struck By Lightning Lands Safely

Sandy Hook Shooter Died Day Before Shootings

What's Behind Clinton's Glasses

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