The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 036 01/18/2013

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Vets Home Deaths Outstrip KIA Casualties

US Attack Submarine Strikes Vessel In Gulf

CA School Lockdown Drill Before Shooting

Helicopter Smashes Sky Crane In London

PA Hospital To Stop Baby Deliveries

DHS To Expand On Gun Control Efforts

DHS Warns About Java On Your Comp

Obama On Deficit And Debt Ceiling

Ben Bernanke On Debt Ceiling

Russia Says World Is Nearing Currency War

23 Executive Orders On Gun Violence

White House Raises Petition Signature Requirement

New Non-Profit To Promote Obama Agenda

DHS Unable To Define Homeland Security

Gov Recommends Blocking Websites During Pandemic

N Korea Moves Missiles Worries US

N Korea Tells China Planning Nuclear Test

US Aircraft Tailed By Chinese Fighters

China Newspaper Says Prepare For Worst

Assad Relocated Family To Ship Off Coast

Doomsday Clock Holds At 5 Til Midnight

Bio Hazard Fish Kill In SC

Sun Eruptions To Peak In 2013

Does Earth Have A Second Moon

3D Printed Guns Render Gun Control Moot

Should President Obama Be On Mount Rushmore

Assault Weapons Can Shoot Down Planes

White House Thumbs Down On Death Star

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Luke Rudkowski @ WeAreChange

47 States In Revolt

The Sandy Hook Shooting Fully Exposed



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