The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 034 01/06/2013

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HJ Res 15 Amendment To Limitation On Terms

Lets Give Up On The Constitution

One Step Closer To Civil War

Background Checks Hit Record High

Plane Crashes Into Florida Home

National Stalking Awareness Month 2013

Fiscal Cliff Bill Adds $4 Tril To Deficits

Magic Trillion Dollar Coin To Pay Off National Debt

Obama Orders Pay Raise For Big Gov

Obama Returns To Hawaii At Cost Of $3 Mil

Sandy Aid Worth $60 Bil Passes Senate

Obama Signs NDAA 2013

Congress Renews Surveillance Law

Illinois Bill To Ban All Modern Firearms

DHS Orders Tons More Ammo

Court Barring High IQs For Cops

Car Data Recorders To Be Mandatory

N Korean Leader Seeks End To Confrontation

US / Russia Plunging Into New Cold War

Syrian Crisis To Kill 100K In Next Year

Syrian Troops / Rebels Fighting For Chemical Arms

Troops Arrive For Deployment Of Patriot Missiles

7.5 Mag Quake Hits Alaska coast

Comet Heading Toward Sun To Outshine Moon

Putin May Be Going Away

US Military Tsunami Bomb

$1.7 Mil Bluefin Tuna

Drunk Ghostbuster Backflips Over Cop

NNSA Radiation Survey Over DC

Killers Of Osama Dying Or Being Killed

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Bloggers Force Reaction From MSM By Montagraph


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