The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 033 12/28/2012

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Gunman Shoots 3 Officers At NJ Police Station

Killer Of 2 NY Firemen Had Same Rifle Used In CT

Newspaper Publishing Gun Permit Holders Info

Chinese Man Drives Car Into Students Injuring 13

Afghan Police Officer Kills American Contractor

RSOE EDIS Event Report / Biological Hazard In UK

US Congress Shows No Urgency On Fiscal Cliff

Fiscal Cliff Deal Increasingly Unlikely

No Fiscal Cliff Deal Could Cause Jail Release

How Important Is Hepatitis B Vaccination

Peru Bans GMOs As US Lags

Strip Search Of 10 Year Old Prompts Complaint

Dianne Feinstein To Stop Assault Weapons

Los Angeles Police Offer Gift Cards For Guns

Los Angeles Residents Swap Guns For Groceries

S Korea Warns N Korea Has Rockets In US Range

Russian Military Denies Sending Commandos To Syria

Russia May Draft New Law On Military Service For Women

Syria Converted Combat Aircraft To Drones With WMDs

DPRK Deploys 900 Ballistic Missiles To 3 Sites

Mayan Apocalypse Spares Humanity

Chile And Argentina On Alert Over Copahue Volcano Eruption

NASA To Lasso Asteroid And Make Space Station To Orbit Moon

EPA Administrator Announces Resignation

Rest In Peace Charles Durning

Another New Yorker Dies In Subway Pushing

Woman Arrested For Lying About Newtown Shooting Scam

Sandy Hook Conspiracy Gets Big Views

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