The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 032 12/22/2012

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Hero Cop Saves Woman In Icy Plunge

Obama And Family Arrive In Hawaii For Christmas

Unemployment Checks To Stop Dec 29

Drone Op Realized He Vaporized A Child

Gun Stores Report Brisk Business

China Arrests 93 Doomsayers

Suspect In Harrisburg Standoff Shot Self

Deport Piers Morgan For Attacking 2nd Amendment

Instagram To Sell Your Photos

Gun Confiscation Will NOT Be Enforced

Deputy Pepper Sprays Man With Down Syndrome

Traffic Stop Body Cavity Search

Armed Task Force To Patrol Streets

New Orleans To Encrypt Radio Transmissions

Google To No Longer Disable SafeSearch

Patriot Missiles In Turkey Threaten World War

Russian Warships Sail To Med

Syria Has Large Missile Arsenal

NBC Richard Engel And Crew Escape From Syria

Why 2012 Was The Best Year Ever

Two Higgs Bosons Says CERN

2012 Earthquake Predictions

Queen To Attend Cabinet Meeting

Iraq President Dies After Stroke

Medical Teams In Iraq Treat President

Man Killed Three In Colorado Murder Suicide

Michael Douglas Son Attacked In Prison

Army Acknowledges Pedophilia Part Of Islam

11 Amazing Facts About The McRib

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