The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 031 12/15/2012

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Gunman Kills 26 In Connecticut

Security Heightened At Aurora High School

Gunman Kills 2 In Oregon

Knife Wielding Man Injures 22 China,0,5592318.story

Court Strikes Down IL Concealed Carry Ban,0,7034171.story

Queen Visits Gold Vaults

Massive Bank Cyberattack Planned

Project Blitzkrieg Promises Aggressive Cyberheists

TSA Gestapo Harasses Girl In Wheelchair (PLEASE SHARE TO FACEBOOK)


Public Bus Microphones To Record Passengers

Shocking New Handcuff System Revealed

N Korea Rally Vows More Launches

N Korea Satellite Tumbling Out Of Control

Panetta Says Syria Chem Weapons A Real Danger

Lawmaker Says Syria Chem Weapons Are Ready

IDF Giving Medics Chemical Weapons Antidote

M6.3 Quake South West Of Avalon California

Cyclone Evan Rips Through Samoan Islands

Mysterious Loud Booms Reported In The CSRA

Hoax Nurse Hanged Self And Left Notes

Woman Selling Suicide Kits

Stunned Parents Pull Feather From Babys Neck


Police Officer Wraps $100 Bill In Traffic Ticket

Rest In Peace Firefighter Jeff Hudson E36 STLFD

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