The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 030 12/11/2012

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New DVR Will Use Camera And Microphone

Thieves Steal Packages Off Porches

John McAfee Briefly Hospitalized Asylum Denied

Man Seconds From Train Strike On NY Post cover

7 Year Old Accidentally Shot Outside Gun Store

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes To Be Released In Keys

Smith & Wesson / G-III Announce Earnings

Citigroup CEO Ending Pandits Surge With Cuts

Obama Absolutely Prepared To Go Over Fiscal Cliff

Obama Set For 20 Day $4M Hawaiian Vacation

UN To Seek Control Of The Internet

NYPD Drone Poster Artist Arrested

Police Seek Logs Of Americans Text Messages

Feinstein Amendment Military Indefinite Detention

US Gov Has Everyone Under Virtual Surveillance

If Syria Readies WMD We Must Attack

UK Confirms Evidence Of Chemical Arms

Japan To Shoot Down North Korean Missile

Mayan Apocalypse Panic Spreads

Gillard Delivers Mock Apocalypse Message

Major Quake Strikes Japan Setting Off Small Tsunami

Singer Jenni Rivera Dies In Plane Crash

Mysterious Booms Rock Verde Valley

Explosion Investigation Comes Up Empty

Duchess Prank Call Nurse Found Dead

Russian Prime Minister Jokes About Alien Files

Ambulance Booted While EMS Treated Patient

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