The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 029 12/03/2012

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San Bernardino Lock & Load

Tenn Court Bomb Threats

White Man Kills Black Man

Man Unloads On Robbers

Derailment Sickens Dozens

Social Security Explosion

Rifles Stolen From Train

McAfee Captured

CME Force Majeure

IRS Illuminati By Montagraph

Police Fire 137 Shots

Miss Jails Kids For Dress Code

Obama To Bypass Over Semi-Autos

Congressmans Niece Molested By TSA

Human Genes Patented

Tel Aviv Secret US Facility

Syria Chemical Weapons

Iran Staff To N Korea Site

Pakistan Fires Missile

Iran 50K Nuke

N Korean Site Activity

George Bush Sr Weak

Israel Defense Minister Stepping Down

CNN President Stepping Down

News International Chief Stepping Down

Object Hits Dadu\11\30\story_30-11-2012_pg7_11

Ice On Mercury

Mississippi Impassable

Noises In Beijing

Flooding Damages A1A

Ozark Mystery Mansion

Jesse Ventura Covers Mystery Mansion

NFL Murder-Suicide

Tri-State Odor Mystery

Live Shell Found In Milwaukee

Florida Man Kills Roommate

Phone Turns Enzyme To Gel

Vampire On The Loose

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