The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 028 11/24/2012

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Miracle Baby Who Survived Rollover Crash

Massive Pileup Shuts I-10 In Texas

Internal Emails Offer Details On Bin Laden Burial

Thanksgiving Turkey pardoned By President Obama

Gun Store Tells Obama Voters To Go Away

EU Leaders Warn Budget Deal Far Off

Hostess Brands Is Closed

Tulsa Police Set Up Insurance Checkpoint

Woman Injured In District Heights FBI Raid

Texas Prepares To Nullify TSA And NDAA

Terror Attacks Planned For Pittsburgh

Egypt Fury Over Mohammed Mursi

UN Chief Warns Israel Against Gaza Incursion

Hamas Kills Six Suspected Of Aiding Israel

Dozens Killed In Attack On Aleppo Hospital

N Korea Threatens Repeat Of Island Shelling

IDF Soldiers Wound 19 2 Days After Ceasefire

Have You Found Your Ark Yet

Art Ginsburg AKA Mister Food Dead At 81

Larry Hagman AKA J.R. Ewing Dead At 81

Mount Doom Likely To Blow Soon

Super Jupiter Discovery Dwarfs Largest Planet

3.6 Quake In Southern Illinois,0,4797719.story

Queen Elizabeth Goes Into Hiding

The Christian Calendar Is Wrong Says Pope Benedict

TV News Anchors Resign On Air

T-Mobile Employee Stabs Customer

Indianapolis Explosion Now A Homicide Investigation

Black Friday Fighting Over Phones

Man Pulls Gun On Line Cutting Shopper

Man Says I Will Stab One Of You

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