The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 027 11/16/2012

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BREAKING - Oil Rig Explodes In Gulf

New York City Descending Into Chaos

Residents Worry About FEMA Camps

NYC Bans Food Donations To The Homeless

FEMA Tells Residents To Stop Giving Out Supplies

Donald Trump Suggests Revolution

Tax Hikes Could Lead To Recession

Obama Election Unleashes Layoff Tsunami

Closings And Layoffs Since Obama Won

Walmart Black Friday Strike Being Organized

US Backs New UN Arms Treaty Talks

Man Fights To Keep Garden In Front Yard

Florida Gov Rick Scott Says No To Health Care

$25 A Gun Sales Tax Approved In Chicago

When A Palm Reader Knows More Than Your Life Line

TSA PreCheck Program Information,0,7790795.story

Miramar Fighter Jets Deployed In Secret

Israeli Air Strike Kills Hamas Military Chief

Israel Reports Direct Hits On Syria

War Looms Over Gaza As Death Toll Rises

Palestinians Shoot Down Israeli F-16

Orphan Alien Planet Found Nearby Without Parent Star

Priest Bites Ear Off Another Priest

Woman Runs Over Husband Who Didn't Vote

Scientist To Prove Sasquatch Existence Via Blimp

Meat Eating Sponge Found In Deep Sea

Invisibility Cloaking In Perfect Demonstration

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