The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 026 11/07/2012

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Obama Mock Hanging

Threats Put Police On Alert

Hazardous Release Sickens 200

Assad Bans GMOs

Utility Workers Pelted With Eggs

Staten Islanders Left Far Behind

Bernanke To Leave Fed In 2014

Collapse Of Financial Group

Lawsuit Seeks Return Of 43 Trillion

US Sues B Of A Over Fraud

Blagojevich Calls Out B Of A

Australia Job Cuts Mount

Organic Food No Better For Kids

Court OKs Warrantless Hidden Cams

Dog Shot By Omaha Officer

SWAT Kills 16 Year Old

Officer Tasers 10 Year Old

Iran Threatens To Halt Exports

70 US Nuclear Bombs In Turkey

US Deploys Troops To Turkey

Largest Missile Defense Flight Test

Syria Behind Sandy

Black Hole Ready For Snack

Exxon Mobil Executive Shot

30,000 Sq Feet Swallowed By Sinkhole

Largest Meteorite In Poland

National Archives Treasures Missing

Birds Lost In North Sea

Woman Sets Self On Fire

Officer Attempting To Cook Women

Man Sues Wife For Being Ugly

Smugglers Drive Over Border

US Military Plan Mutiny

Antimatter Spaceship

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