The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 025 10/22/2012

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Man Kills 3 At Wisconsin Spa

FBI Foils Fed Bomb Plot

Hazmat Scene At Modesto Bank

Keystone Pipeline Safety Issues

BBC Broadcasts Disrupted In Mid-East

Possible Incident At Stockholm Embassy

Supreme Court May Affect Your Rights To Sell

Google Stock Falls

Microsoft Earnings Fall

Nat Rothschild Has Oh Noz

Shariah Compliant MasterCard

Grenade Burns Girl In SWAT Raid

UK Police Taser Blind Man

Bay Area Law Agencies Test Drones

TSA Removes X-Ray Scanners

EU Banned From Being GM Free

FEMA Boxcars With Shackles

Turkey Tanks And Ships At Ready

Japan / US Drill To Retake Isle

Afghanistan Troops Extended Soon

Failed Iran Sanctions

Officials Say Iran Agreed To Nuclear Talks

White House Denies Agreement

Paintings Stolen From Museum

SF Meteor Makes Landfall

Sonic Boom In South Jersey

Sonic Boom In Bonney Lake

Massive Illegal Geoengineering Project

Scientists Turn Air Into Petrol

Heartbroken Man Hits Lotto

Man Says Bigfoot Smashed Windows

Students Suspended Over Topless Pic By Teacher

Girl Shot After Being Mistaken For A Skunk

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