The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 024 10/15/2012

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Shout-Out To Felix Baumgartner

Nobel Peace Prize Awarded To EU

World Food Prices Near Crisis Levels

Shot Fired At Obama Campaign Office

Man Found Dead On Electrical Pole In Detroit

Steroid Injections Tied To Meningitis Outbreak

Drunk Secret Service Member Arrested

Arlen Specter Dead At 82

Yemeni Officer From US Embassy Killed

FBI Reports Next Version Of Bills Stolen

AMD To Slash 30 Percent Of Workforce

Texas Schools Punish Students Who Refuse RFID

You Must Have RFID Says Obamacare

Man Killed By Police Near LaGuardia

Police Call Man A 'Constitutionalist' (Video)

Police Call Man A 'Constitutionalist' (Print)

Vaccination Campaigns Part Of Population Reduction

Turkish President Says Worst Case Unfolding In Syria

US / Israel Discussing Joint Surgical Strike

Turkey Redirects Missile Defense System

Egypts Brotherhood Heads Urges Jihad

Iran Hackers Responsible For Cyberattacks Says US

Scientists Find Massive Geothermal Hotspot

25 Foot Pipeline Floats To Sinkhole Surface

Astronomers Spot Diamond Planet

Sea Species Hitching Ride On Debris

Uranium Tainted Water Hits Oklahoma

American Boards Plane With Bag Full Of Weapons

Pope Prays In Arabic For First Time

Bloody Fight Over Seat On Subway

Scientists Turn Stem Cells Into Pork

Heaven Is Real Says Neurosurgeon

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