The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 023 10/08/2012

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Utah Zombie Apocalypse

Vomiting Virus

Dealer GPS Unit

Hong Kong Boat Down

Border Agents Shot

Hackers Break Mil Net

Deadly Meningitis

Fukushima Cancers

Iran Currency Protest

Currency Plunges

Job Numbers

Ca Gas Prices

Shortages By MorningMayan

STL Cold War Tests

Duluth Cop Last Chance

Man Dies In Raid

Police Stop Prayers

TSA Molesting Priest

Officer Punched Woman Fired

US Fleet Nears Islands

Turkish PM Prep For War

Turkey Approves Action

Russia Evacuating

7.1 Hits Colombia

6.2 Hits Japan

NASA Records Chorus

Whales Stranded

Milky Way Black Holes

Comet May Outshine Moon

Farmer Eaten By Hogs

Man Kills Family Over Obama

Man Kills Masked Son

Doctors Grow New Ear

Chinese Roadkill

Human Sized Bat

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