The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 021 09/17/2012

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I DON'T KNOW By ItsMaKa2 (Backup Channel)

False Flag By Montagraph (Must Watch)

Obama Hugger Boycott

Hacker Downs GoDaddy

Ahmadinejad Destroying Rain Clouds

Woman Killed Outside Salon

Cyber Warriors Not By Patriotism

Fort Knox Breach Of Security

Ebola Outbreak

Life Unsustainable After EMP

Obama Gets The Finger

Maryland Tearing Down Cameras

Americans Not In Labor Force

GM Denies Report Of Chevy Volt Loss

Rush Says Economy Collapse

US Deal In Egypt Relief

NYPD Opens In Israel

Woman Gets 2 Tickets

Cloud Seeding Underway

Officer Shoots Man

Officer Shoots Family Pet

Safeway Bribes To Vaccinate

Fourth Amendment Dead

Jeff Weinhaus Shot

Electronic Spy Powers

Police Arrest 77 YO Woman

Smart Meter Or No Power

Iran To Bring War To US

largest Ever Naval Exercises

China Goes To War With Japan

Naval Powers Massing In Gulf

Lake Erie Fish Kill

Tornado In NYC

Hubble Spots Ancient Galaxy

CEO Faces 50 Years In Jail

Salton Sea Volcanic Eruption

Guatemala Volcano Erupts

Asteroid Fly By 09/13/2012

Japan Ambassador Dies

Japan Banking Minister Dies

Yangtze River Turns Red

Four Painters Cooked

Landing Gear Door Falls

Contact Lens Wearers At Risk

Ghost Cities Of China]

S Sudan Sinks Own Ship

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Brandon Raub

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