The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 020 09/07/2012

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Michael Clarke Duncan Dies At 54

Alabama Woman Shoots Home Invader

Boone County Homeowner Kills Intruder

San Joaquin County Aerial Spraying

Manhattan Sprayed For West Nile

K9 Dies In Hot Car (Des Moines)

K9s Die In Hot Car (San Antonio)

Secret Service Truck Stolen In Detroit

Food Stamp Use At All Time High

U.S. National Debt Clock (Real Time)

FBI Face Recognition Project

Obama White House To Stage False Flag

Family Of Woman Shot Demands Answers

Family Upset That Police Killed Their Dog

YouTube Video Prompts Probe

Alesia Thomas In-Custody Death

Deputy Hits 19 Year Old In Head With Gun

Syrian Rebels Take Over Chemical Weapons

Iran Announces Missile Drones

Doomsday Congressman

Mass Stranding Of Pilot Whales

Quakes Rattle China

ICE Chief Of Staff Resigns

Colorado Nurse Dies In Iowa

Page Not Found

Jerry Nelson Dies At 78

Scientists Store Book In DNA

Phone Companies Predict Future Movements

Cattle Herd Vanishes

Troops Plotted To Kill Obama

Teenage Girl Headbutt Murder

Strange Countdown Clock

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Bill Clinton Pimps The Nation 2012

Scooby Doo Goes Planet X

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