The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 019 08/17/2012

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Congress Least Productive Since WW2

NAVY Destroyer Collides With Tanker

Cop Shoots Man After Running Down Daughter

Ebola Outbreak In Uganda

French Riot Night

Chevron Refinery Fire Gas Price Spike

Banks Plan For Preventing Collapse

Massive Put Activity

FBI Raids Occupy Activists

Texas Cop Body Slams Teen

Warrantless Cell Tracking Legal

The Facebook Tracking Camera

Microsoft’s Police Surveillance System

Russian Attack Sub Undetected In Gulf

Talk Of Iran Strike Dominates Press

Israel SMS Warn Of Missile Strikes

Iran Approaching Immunity Zone,7340,L-4266931,00.html

Israel's New Warning

Big Quakes Strike Iran

Bizarre Rock Ice Shelf In Pacific

Massive Cyclone Blows Over Arctic

Warm Water Forces Nuke Plant Shutdown

Sinkhole H-Bomb Equivalent In Bayou

Mysterious Image From Mars Rover

Cellphones That Can See Through Walls

3-D Printed Meat

Plane Lands At Wrong Airport

Handwritten Message On Wing

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