The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 018 08/07/2012

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Congress Departs For August Recess

Does Billboard Go Too Far

Two Bexar County K-9s Dead

Silverstein Partner Owns Olympics "Gateway"

Missile Defense Porn

Multibillion-Dollar Carrier Group In Perth

Man Makes Guns With 3D Printer

Postal Service On Verge Of Default

San Bernardino Files Bankruptcy

Stockton Cops Out Of Gas,0,6072808.story

Austerity At Olympics

Real Unemployment More Than 15%

Deaf Woman Tasered And Jailed

Cell Phone Taken By DC Police

NYPD Body Slams Teen

Anaheim Under Martial Law

Pictures From Anaheim

Chinese Destroyer Enters Med,7340,L-4261923,00.html

Drone Kills Seven In Pakistan

US Presents Israel With Iran Strike Plan

Russia To Revive Army Bases

Updated Mid-East / WW3 News

Sinkhole Opens In Bay Ridge

Biggest Power Blackout In Human History

2012 To Take Hottest Year Record

Solar Superstorm Could Kill Millions

Russian Girl Speaks By Mooing

Nun Splashed Blood On Nuke Plant

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The Intel Hub

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