The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 017 07/25/2012

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Mayor Bloomberg Said Huh?

TheShowmebby's Take

Anaheim Police Release Dogs On Women And Children

Dallas Officer Opened Fire After Fearing For His Life

Audience Evacuates After Fight In Pennsylvania

Obama Punching Bag At Indiana Fair

Michigan Emergency Over Fuel Shortage

Woman Says NO To Smart Meter

Georgia Welfare Drug Testing Placed On Hold

Paralyzed Cop Suing Glock Over 3 Year Old

Geithner Tells World To F-Off

Expanding Canadian Presence

Panetta Orders Pentagon To Monitor Media

Man Stripped Nude At Airport Not Guilty

Wearable Tech Pioneer Assaulted McDonald's,2817,2407258,00.asp

18 Chinese Police Officers Save Sex Doll

London Braces For Israeli Strike On Iran During 2012 Games

Israel Fears Anniversary Attack At Olympics,7340,L-4258555,00.html

Updated Mid-East / World War 3 News

New Planet Found Right Around The Corner

Sally Ride Dies At 61

Sherman Hemsley Dies At 74

Satellites See Unprecedented Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Melt

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