The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 016 07/18/2012

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The Most Honest Three And A Half Minutes Of Television Ever (MUST WATCH)

Hillary Clinton Mastermind Behind Gunwalker

Hillary Clinton Hit By Tomatoes In Egypt

Bison Killed By Natural Anthrax Outbreak

Police Shooting Of Family Dog

US Security Agents ‘At Heathrow For Olympics’

Only Gay Couples Can Live Together At Olympics

Two DC Metro Shutdowns Over The Weekend

Supreme Court May Define 'Natural Born Citizen'

House Obamacare Repeal

Obama 'Someone Else Made Your Business Happen'

Congress To Outlaw Reporting On Gov Corruption

Pentagon Takes Over Chemtrailing

Yahoo Hacked For 450,000 Passwords

Thugs Mug 3 Year Old Boy In Stroller

20,000 Turtle Eggs Crushed On Trinidad Beach

Scranton Workers Now Paid Minimum Wage

French President Reports Zero Growth

Spain's Royals Take Pay Cuts In Austerity Drive

Scandal Over Rate Fixing To Hit US

Tax Evasion Inquiries Target Swiss Bank Clients,0,6147753.story

Moody's Downgrades Italy

Bounty Hunters Unleashed On Crooked Bankers

PFG Founder Wasendorf Arrested In Fraud Case

Woman Gets Settlement From B Of A

Boss Gives Employees $7,500 For Vacations

Gov Overpaid $14 Billion In Unemployment

Paying Sales Tax For Online Purchases

Scranton Workers Sue Over Slashed Wages

And Finally The IRS Gets Audited

Cross Border Policing Provokes Worries

Obama To Shutter Nine Border Patrol Stations

FAA Releases Drone Records

Officers Use Taser On Alleged Jaywalker

Police Beat Pregnant Woman

Decorated General Says Shariah Is Here Now

TSA Asking Women To “Raise Your Skirt”

UN Global Taxes To Help Poor Worldwide

Iran Leader Says We Must Prep For 'End Of Times'

Updated Mid-East / World War 3 News

NASA Rover Snaps Stunning View

Scorching Heatwave In China

500 Penguins Found Dead In Brazil

Impact Timing Of Solar Flare

Real-Time Magnetosphere Simulation Lost

CERN Particle Consistent With Higgs Boson

Richard Zanuck Dead At 77

Michael Clarke Duncan Has Heart Attack

Obama Campaign Worker Dies

Sylvester Stallone's Son Dies At 36

Jesse Jackson Jr Has Mood Disorder

Energy Dept 'Unable To Locate' $500,000 In Equipment

Stephen Covey Dies At 79

Man Kills Family Goes To Bunker

3 Boys Drown In Federalsburg

GLP Electrocution Thread

Anti-Zombie Strongholds For Sale

Naked Man Arrested After Biting Man's Stomach

Embrace The Chaos

Tom Hanks Has Fun With photo

More Eerie 'Ghost Cities' Popping Up

Woman Addicted To Water

80 Explosive Devices Found

Needles Found In Airline Meals

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