The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 014 07/01/2012

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Intense US Heat

Massive Storm Emergency

Nation Bakes

JD Won't Pursue Holder

MI5 Threat

Plan To Evacuate London

Stand Ground Man Shot Dead

FBI Rescues Sex Slaves

Chicago Girl Killed

Midway Outage

Man's Head Stuck

Docs Against Obamacare

FL Says No

MSNBC Conspiracy Show

Cooling At Fukushima 4 Down

Record Radiation Levels

Stockton Bankruptcy

Eurozone Recapitalisation

Abound Solar Bankruptcy

Russian Ship Second Attempt

NAVY Minesweepers

Eisenhower Inbound

Peacekeeping Called Off

Russia Downs Jet

US / Russia Talks Fail

Iran Says War

Military Extremists

Fort Hood Training

Lightning Weapon

EAS Cells

Sign Woman Arrested

Shatner's Pants Fall

Students Hijack Drone

TSA Spills Ashes

Flight Attendant Flips

DOD Implanted Chip

Man / Dog Zombie Attack

Man Gnaws Face

Back To The Future Hoax

Nude Carjacker

Millionaire Death Pill

Smoking Vac

Spray Paint Battery

Mass Turtle Death

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