The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 013 06/24/2012

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Rest In Peace JDouglasFisher

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Jerry Sandusky Found Guilty

14 Y/O Phoenix Boy Shoots Armed Intruder

Obama Invokes Executive Privilege

Pelosi Urges Obama To Eliminate Debt Ceiling

Obama Forces Latino Audience To Give Up Silverware

Taxpayers Stuck With Travel Tab For Obama Fundraisers

Outlook Darkens As Europe Sinks And China Struggles

US Army Training In St Louis

UN Makes Bid For Control Of US Net

Cyborg Insect Drones Future Of Military Surveillance

Congress Sides With Monsanto Over GMOs

FAA Sets Large ND Drone Testing Airspace

Mag 6.4 East Coast Of Honshu Japan

Duluth MN Under State Of Emergency

Western Wildfires

Iran Says Lift Sanctions And We Will Fully Cooperate

Moscow Summit On Iran Last Of Its Kind

US Says Russia Ship Has Weapons

US Enlists Britain's Help Over Russia

Russia Plans To Flatten Georgia

UN Syrian Ambassador Says No Fly Zone Means War

Iran's President Renews Call For NWO

Russia Sends Troops To Syria

Russia Sending Missile Systems To Shield Syria

Eisenhower Carrier Group To Deploy

7 Disturbing New Cases Of Cannibalism

Man Chops Off Daughter's Head

Justin Bieber Special Ratings A Bust

Commerce Secretary Resigns For Health Reasons

Search Continues For Missing FBI Agent

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The Intel Hub Teams Up With Michael Murphy

FuckYouObama1 Is Now Tomahawk1775

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