The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 012 06/16/2012

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The Interruption Of Obama By Neil Munro

Rand Paul Confronted By WeAreChange

US Death Toll In Afghanistan Hits 2000

Nationwide Manhunt For NY Surgeon (See Below)

Fugitive Surgeon Found Dead

Father Kills Man For Sexually Abusing His Daughter

Shellie Zimmerman Arrested For Perjury

Lasers Find Lost City Of Gold

Olympic Games Scare Off Other Tourists

Nick Pope Warns UK To Prep For UFO Activity During 2012 Olympics

UN To Appoint Earth Contact For Aliens (09/26/2010)

Spain Poised To Request EU Bank Aid

Greeks Withdraw One Billion A Day Ahead Of Vote

EPA Power Grab For Ditches And Gullies

Military Drone On DC Highway

Indiana To Allow Citizens To Shoot Law Enforcement

Unlawful Entry - Fourth Amendment Dead ?!? (05/16/2011)

Major Attack On US Naval Forces In Straits Of Hormus

Body Parts Found At Latest Syria Massacre

Israel Should Bomb Assad’s Palace

US Military Announces Syria War Plans Are Ready

S Korea Warns Of Retaliation On N Korea Command

Russian Warning Shots

US / Russia Tussle Over Syria Invokes Cold War,7340,L-4242203,00.html

US Deploys Its Biggest Aircraft Carrier Near Gawadar

Unusually Large Asteroid To Buzz Past Earth

Unusually Large Earthquakes Fattle Australia

Georgia Girl In Pain From Flesh Eating Disease

Flesh Eating Bacteria Victim Courageous

Bill Defends Against Flesh Eating Disease (Spoof)

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