The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 008 05/18/2012

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Governor Signs Bill Banning Gun Confiscation

Chicago To Erupt In Never Before Seen Violence

Cell Service To Be Cut During NATO Summit

Army General Warns Of Impending Fukushima Doom

New Planet Found In Our Solar System

Ousted Yahoo CEO Will Get No Severance

Greek Euro Exit Looms Closer As Banks Crumble

Moody's Downgrades Italian Banks

Greek Banks May Be Nearing Complete Collapse

NY FBI Opens Inquiry Into JPMorgan Chase Loss

DC Police Kill Random Man Walking His Dogs

Why And How To Turn Off Socialcam On Facebook

DHS Unannounced Warrantless Looting Of Bank Accounts

Iran Attack Decision Nears

US Officials Fearful Of Looming Israeli Strike On Iran

Israel’s Trained And Ready For Mission Ahead

The US Military Option For Iran Is Ready

Up To Date Mid-East News

Wife Of FBI Agent Stephen Ivens "My Husband Is Not A Rogue Agent"

Follow Up To - California FBI Agent Gone Missing

Oroville NAVY Vet Vanished Without A Trace

The Mysterious Case Of The Vanishing Genius

Fort Bragg Soldier Kelli Bordeaux Disappeared

Who Is Missing Hollywood Executive Gavin Smith

Alaska Police Confirm Body Is Missing Missouri Airman

Millionaire's Lover Found Hanging Naked

Terminator 3 Actor Nick Stahl Reported Missing

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Homeless Urban Camping Done Right By ChezKritta AKA PDLumina

Texas For Freedom Rally And Music Festival By TheShowmebby

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