The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 007 05/10/2012

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Same Sex Marriage By Frankie1984

Monster Sunspot Threatens Powerful Solar Flares

Olympics Bomb Scandal

MK Ultra 2012

Missile-Packed Blimps Over Your Home

The TSA Simply Must Be Stopped

TSA Conducting Stops And Searches On US Highways

‘The War On Kids’ Compares Schools To Prison System

Russia Threatens Preemptive Strike

DHS Preparing For Massive Civil War

National Guard Patrolling In Minnesota

U.S. Troops In Neighboorhood Streets Fully Armed

Posse Comitatus Act

UK Military Olympics Terror Drills

IDF Secret Chemical Drill,7340,L-4224597,00.html

Executive Orders In 2012

Boston Subway Bacteria Bio-Terror Drill

ARREST WARRANTS - Liens Filed Against G7 Central Banks

No Fly Zone During NATO Summit

Fukushima Will Impact All Of Humanity

Check Out NibiruMagick2012 For Climate Change Updates

Chicago Hospitals Perform Dirty Bomb Drills

May Day Protesters Clash With Police In Oakland

SEALs Slam Obama

Shout-Out To Freedom4Kaz

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