The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 006 04/30/2012

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Hillary Clinton Heads To China

Operation Blackjack Slide (Iran / Syria / China)

UFO Near The Sun

Intelligent Dinosaurs Rule Alien Worlds

Fukushima Is Falling Apart

US To Remove 9,000 Marines From Okinawa

Green Clouds Over Moscow

Large Crematoriums In Colorado

Large Crematoriums In Colorado (Backup Link)

ALSO SEE - DOD Confirms Russia To Conduct Terror Drills In U.S.

Thank You YouTuber FuckYouObama1

As Well As YouTuber GlobalDivisions AKA FTown

From ENDGAME Beginning Of WW3

The Empire VS Iran / Syria

Memo To TSA / Local Police

Olympic Missiles On Roofs

Biggest Week That Anyone Can Remember

Coming Week Could Be Huge

Concerns About NATO Summit Violence

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Milwaukee Red Cross Told To Prep For Chicago Evacuation


Police Believe Body Found In Bunker Is Murder Suspect

U.S. Deploys F-22s Near Iran

U.S. Deploys Stealth Fighters Near Iran

Tony Robbins Dire Wake-Up Warning

Syrian Activist Buried Alive

In Memory Of Mohammed Nabbous "Mo" 1983 ~ 2011

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