The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 003 04/08/2012

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Backdrop By Resistance4Liberty

Pine Bluff Students Pepper Sprayed

Taco Bell Shooting Victim Holding Leash

Armed Neo-Nazis Patrolling Sanford

FBI Taps Cell Phone Mic

Obama Gives 1.5 Billion To Muslim Brotherhood

Warrior Class Blackwater Videos

Japan Preps To Open Fire On N Korea

Preventing Nuclear Terrorism

DHS Bullet Resistant Checkpoints

Fire At Nuclear Reactor N France

Singapore Warns Of US / China Conflict

Enterprise Group Arrives US 5th Fleet

Up To Date Mid-East News From Ftown

DOJ To Clarify Obama Remarks On Health Law

Al-CIA-Da Will Return To New York

Secret Payload Launches From Vandenberg

France Expels Radical Islamists

April Fools Asteroid Zips Close By Earth

Asteroid 2012 EG5 Close Call 04/02/2012

Supreme Court Allows Strip Searches

US Nuclear Drones

No Date For Russia / Iran Nuclear Talks

Lawmakers Target Gun Laws

Russia / Iran Set To Counter US / Israeli Strike

Pentagon Activates Missile Defenses

7 California Boys Arrested In Attack

Great Britain Patriot Act

DHS Drones Over America

Fireball Over San Antonio 04/02/2012

Iran Oil Ban To Bring Huge Spat Between US / China

Imminent Event Of Mass Arrests Of 10,000 Global Cabal

DHS Preps For Domestic War

Police Mace Peaceful California Students

5 Police Officers VS Law Knowing Citizen

Arizona Cyberbullying Bill HB 2459

BlogTV Troll Rehab

Shout-Out To Georgebushpimps


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